Each of our students is enrolled in the general music course.  He will receive two 50 minute classes in music each week.  The music course is designed to give each Oaklawn student an exploratory experience in which he will study a variety of topics related to the appreciation and performance of music.

The topics of study for the course include:

 Students  develop  skills  related  to  note  reading,   note  writing,  rhythmic  accuracy, pitch and sound production.

Students develop an appreciation for different types of music through the study of the major composers from each musical time period.

Students develop a “critical” ear while listening to, comparing and contrasting the different Compositions throughout history.

3.  MUSIC THEATER  (Phantom of the Opera)
Students gain an appreciation for this form of music through personal    experience.  Students will experience the story of the Phantom of the Opera through many different sources.  They will study the modern version of the movie, the Broadway version of the Musical, the 1920’s version of the black and    white film and study excerpts from the original novel.  They will also work on an art project in which they reflect on different aspects of their personalities.

4.  SCIENCE OF SOUND  (if time and classroom dynamics allow)
This topic of study gives students the opportunity to break down and study “how sound works”. They will conduct small experiments to discover the inner workings of music and sound.

Students develop an understanding of musical concepts through practice and performance.

Students participate in an instrumental exploratory session designed for all students to learn about the different instruments and their specific sounds.

Students  will  try  many  instruments  and  determine  whether  or  not  they  would  like  to“CUSTOMIZE” their experience by enrolling in special lessons or groups.

Student  performance  opportunities  present  themselves  throughout  the  year  and  include Parents Weekend, Christmas Program (required) and Graduation (required). 

CUSTOMIZABLE OPTIONS  (at additional cost to student)
Students also have the opportunity to “CUSTOMIZE” their musical experiences here at Oaklawn.  A student may choose to enrich his experience by enrolling in our private or small group lessons for one or more of the following instruments at an additional cost of $11 (small group) or $16 (private) per weekly lesson. (the school owns several of these instruments, so there is NO usage or rental fee)

  •  Guitar 
  • Trumpet
  • Electric Bass
  • Trombone
  • Drum Set
  • Baritone
  • Piano
  • Tuba

OR, he may choose to RENT or PURCHASE  flute, clarinet, or saxophone from a local dealer.  The instructional cost will remain the same $11(group) $16(private) but will also require a rental or usage payment (our school does NOT own these instruments).

These extra lessons are held on a weekly basis and the fees are charged to the student’s personal account. You will be contacted in advance of these lessons should your student express an interest in any of these “custom” options.

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