Mar 21, 2016

      As the Archery coach at Oaklawn Academy I wanted to share with you some of the important attributes that Archery has given to those students who participated in it during the last few sessions. I am always amazed to see the students discover a natural talent in a place where they would never have known unless they tried it.  I hope many of the participants continue to practice this sport when they return home.

      Greetings to all the past archers who have practiced the sport during their stay at Oaklawn!


                                                                                Mr. Thomas Ryan

     1. Archery improves you physically: While it is a fun sport, archery is also physically demanding and those wishing to progress may want to think about improving upper body strength for greater control.

      2. Archery improves your focus:  Archers require not only some physical strength, but also mental fitness, and archers develop their focus, flexibility, and attention skills.

     3. Archery provides you with enjoyment:  The ultimate goal of the recreational archer is enjoyment. The archer should remember to focus on improving themselves rather than worrying about what everyone else is doing, and with that in mind; archery becomes a lot more fun.

     4. Archery is an indoor and outdoor sport:  Archery is practiced both indoors and outdoors at Oaklawn academy, so no matter the season we can practice.

     5. Archery improves your self-confidence:  Archery provides great satisfaction in combining both mental and physical attributes to good effect. Whatever the results at the target, every archer is able to draw satisfaction to a lesser or greater extent, from having won a personal mental battle.

     6. Archery teaches you the importance of safety: The sport can be extremely dangerous if people are reckless. Archery teaches everyone to be responsible for one another and also for the equipment they are using.

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